AG Security RF / IR Attenuating Film

In this time of age, where the competition for the development of the latest technology by governments and the private sector, any successful attempt of eavesdropping and stealing proprietary information can detrimental to productivity, investment and national security.

AG Global Inc. is a provider of patented security film that meets all the strict requirements of the U.S. intelligence departments.  The technology is in over 1500 U.S. government and private sector buildings.  The security film meets and exceeds IC requirements for RF attenuation with US DoD strength.

From a TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter-Measure) overview, AG film is the least expensive method to mitigate large amount of eavesdropping and espionage threats.


Security film protects facilities by:

  • Preventing eavesdropping and theft of electronic data
  • Defeating IR laser microphones and EMI/RF transmissions
  • Rejecting RF/IR/UV signals
  • Provides blast protection
  • Against surveillance and bugs









  • Government sector
  • Private sector
  • Residences
  • Vehicles and watercrafts
  • Most window structures that require privacy and secure communication
  • Due to the sensitivity of this product, all contact for this product will be thoroughly vetted