Uniformed Security

AGGI’s uniformed security professionals provide asset protection across a broad array of business sectors and work environments. Our uniformed security professionals are carefully screened and selected, meticulously trained, continuously monitored, and evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure we’re meeting the client’s expectations. Management interviews all candidates thoroughly, conducts background checks, and determines personality/integrity profiles before adding them to the AGGI team.  All of AGGI’s uniformed security personnel go through extensive training that goes above and beyond what is required by industry standards.




AGGI’s armed security personnel are selected in a manner to ensure only those who display a high level of maturity and experience are assigned to our clients requiring armed services. In addition to comprehensive pre-employment screening, our armed security officers undergo thorough screening and training beyond industry standards based on client requirements.

Selected officers are further trained to ensure firearm proficiency. Armed officers must successfully complete a firearms training program that encompasses proper care, custody, and use of company-authorized firearms.


Unarmed Security


As the first line of defense for our clients and the representation of our company on the ground, our uniformed employees play a vital role. Personnel are carefully selected, vetted and thoroughly trained to meet the unique needs of each client. We specifically recruit and hire officers local to each customer account, based on the security requirements at each site. Our evaluation and training of security officers goes beyond background checks and verification of technical proficiencies. Selected candidates personal traits are carefully evaluated to ensure the best possible experience for our clients.  Ongoing management oversight, continuing education and routine performance evaluations ensure successful uniformed security programs.