Workplace Violence Prevention

With today’s socio-economic pressures affecting much of the workforce, organizations are at risk for more liabilities and legal issues concerning workplace violence than ever before. AGGI specializes in helping clients take the necessary steps to reduce risk and increase resilience. While no one likes to believe workplace violence issues could occur where they work, the fact is that workplace violence incidents can happen anywhere. Workplace violence affects an organization’s personnel safety, morale, productivity and bottom line, and it is imperative that workplace violence prevention programs, policies and procedures are established to mitigate and respond to this risk.  AGGI establishes the development of workplace violence prevention programs for our clients we will conduct site assessments, policy and procedure development and direct intervention. We can assist clients with individual program elements, like employee training, or we can help build entire programs from the ground up, including the following:


  • Human resources pre-employment considerations and employee evaluations
  • Designing and updating policies and procedures
  • Threat/risk assessments
  • On site security
  • Site surveys and needs assessments
  • Strategic goal-setting and recommendations
  • Formation of threat assessment teams
  • First responder/ threat assessment team training